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government. the consequences are nothing short of deadly. thank you for joining us for this special edition of "hannity. that is all of the time we have left for this evening. time for greta van susteren standing by ready to go on the record. thank you for being with us. >> this is a fox news alert. all but one has survived, five sightseers in a group of 20 at the a-kayed yaw national park out east in maine were swept into the motion when a massive waive smashed into the small sea inland at thunder hole are safely in the hont. the surviving four extremely lucky to be alive after spending half an hour in the rough surf being rescued the united states coast guard and other local and state agencies helicopters rescue boats and other facilities. tonight's one casualty
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tragically a 7-year-old girl who was unresponsive when pulled from the water and later pronounced dead at the hospital. the victim thrillseekers in a crowd of thousands were standing on the rocks of the huge crashing surf which sores up whenever ocean storms send the big rollers ashore. standing on those slippery rocks in these conditions obviously prohibited in that part of the national park and paths leading up to it are now closed. our condolences the family of the little girl who tragically lost her life in this terrible accident. our best wishes to the survivors. once again kudos to the brave first responders who put themselves at risk. this folks another fox news ahur ahurt -- alert. bill is out and barack is in. bill dragging along his rough seas and high winds exits the
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area leaving behind a typical new england summer evening. the first presidential vacation in the obama administration has begun on martha's vineyard after being delayed by the weather for several hours the casually dressed president obama and the first family including first dog mow arrived via marine won the chopper used to shuttle the president. then driving in a motorcade past dozens of flag waving cheering tourists and residents who's warm welcome must have come at the welcome relief the embattled president who must be stunned and angered by the tone and direction of a healthcare crusade that seems to have run afoul not just the usual lobbyist inspired back stabbing partisan maneuvering but by a more serious seemingly legitimate grass-roots up rising among senior citizens who seem
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fearful of being cut back in their medicare and possible rationing down the line. >> we have had a vigorous debate about healthcare reform. this is an issue of vital concern to every american i am glad so many are engaged. it also should an honest debate not one dominated by willful distortions by folks who would benefit the most by keeping things exactly as they are. as every credible person has looked into it has said there are no so-called death panels an offensive notion to me and the american people. these are phony claims meant to divide us. >> ann coulter, do you be grudge the president the first vacation of his administration? >> well, it's not exactly george bush clearing brush in crawford or ronald reagan chopping wood at the crawford ranch or the reagan ranch.
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these democrats are elitists the party of wall street. martha's vineyard and countrywide loans? it's no wonder americans are particularly concerned about a universal government healthcare program run by these people. you don't pay their taxes you have all of the taxi vaiders in the cabinet you have the sweet geel -- deals for>> wait a second, ann. you want them to go bowling or skeet shooting, what? >> i am giving you a litany of things that show that the democrats never expect the rules to apply to them. you have all of murtha and family members doing sweet deals on -- >> they have democratic faults. >> they are elitists. >> i see a lot of -- >> presidents end up at martha's
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vineyar vineyard -- >> makes him a real man and barack obama a pansy? >> an elitist they are pretending they are a party of the common man they are the party of wall street. we are the party of the common man. >> it is not up at kennedy bunk port on his gas guzzling motor vessel. >> reverend al sharpton -- okay. okay. the reverend al sharpton is on martha's vineyard i think the most brilliantly integrated resort community in the united states but it's also one that obviously is -- it's still infatuated with barack obama. they voted overwhelmingly for
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him. it is a liberal democratic bassian. after all of the negative stuff he has been enduring? >> the vacation before the controversies. i think certainly no one should be grudge the president taking a vacation given if he weren't he would be working anyway. i think mr. bush needs to be gone f -- used to be gone for weeks. his ranch i don't think the average american owns the ache rage of ranches, of property the bushes had. how we got to his friend -- the man going to martha's vineyard for week, maybe he needs to take off a week and rest. >> did he come here just because he can be surrounded by friends and get away from the ak krom
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moan why yous debate which is clearly irritating him and it's been relatively painful in terms of his popularity and approval, reverend. >> i think that the hope of the conservatives -- i saw quite the opposite. i saw a president that went out various regions of the country had town hall meetings and talked to the citizens. i didn't see i spent the past three weeks going to the public explaining it engaging it going on-line he was going on talk back radio shows so here's someone that gave the american public before he went on vacation. i think to say he's going there annoyed and defeated would be to act like the last three weeks of all of these town hall meetings and on-line appearances didn't happen. i don't know of a president who has more acceptable to hear
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people pro and con than president obama has been. >> be that as it may i have critical questions being asked on martha's vineya vineyard and throughout the country. ailing senator ted kennedy. is he planning on playing golf with tiger woods. is chelsea clinton getting married next saturday at ted danson's house? no, no and i don't think so. what do i know? joining me a far more -- a group with more friends than i have this is casey meyers, jake berry and steve hessler all from the cape cod times. right-hand side of the panel from washinging ton lid co web site nia malika henderson.
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>> he is good but he's going to take the time to make a vacation over the healthcare debate. even though it is -- of course obama is going to be on the phone and he is going to spend time with his family and take time to and walk on the beach and we are going to do that, too. >> the white house has been outspoken saying layoff especially malika and sash saw's kids. >> he was out here with chelsea when she was young and golf. if they don't grab the brass and go tonight care sol i would be surprised. >> will the press honor the
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press? >> i think so. i think people recognize after all they have been through he deserves a break. it is a key news period. we won't keep own tirely hands off but respect his vacation. >> they look at ulysses s. grant in the 19th century. you have the air force, i am trying to fly my wife in she has to go to providence, rhode island to get searched by the tsa, transport security administration before she can fly in i have to get the social security number. there's an extraordinary inconvenience that comes with a presidential entourage. >> i think that's true. but i think in this case especially with such a bad summer economically i think people are excited to have that kind of buzz that a president brings he is such a big celebrity and its his first year and he is so popular that out
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weighs it for the people on the vineyard. >> what about healthcare. what do your readers say about that healthcare? i am trying to figure it out. i don't know how it is going to cover more folks even now. republicans despite their subterranean motivation is that a debate, could you have a town hall meeting here in the vineyard? would it be acrimonious? >> i think it would be a lot of confusion. i think on tuesday night they are going to have major doctors from the hospital around here talking about healthcare and i think that's what people need is information. everyone is really confused. i think everyone agrees that our current system is very defensive and is hurting a lot of people but how to change it i don't
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think people understand. >> do you from the political side believe this is a terrible thing for them to run through and change this program. >> in terms of getting the message out he got tripped up with the desk panel debate. in the fall, in september he will retool what he has to say and focus more making this argument about healthcare more of a responsibility for the nation. the white house sees they have may have been misinterpreted in getting their word out. >> i am shocked to say this. i am disappointed to say it to have to admit this to you i think the plan is deeply flawed. i know you get angry when i say it. whacky stuff. whacky martians.
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wild. independent texas. really far out stuff. i -- i am sorry to say that once again sarah palin has demonstrated remarkable political instinct. she went for the jewing gu layer. as much -- >> she went for the jugular. she put obama and the democrats on the defensive. more at martha's vineyard. we are at the harbor view hotel. the hos tablet couldn't be nicer. let me hear from you folks. >> be right back after this. so what do you think? i think i'll go with the basic package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose the brake service that's right for you. and save 50% on pads and shoes. meineke.
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>> this is a fox news alert. millionaire reality show contestant total creep and fugitive from a murder wrap ryan jenkins has been found dead in british columbia. the man accused of murdering, mutilating and stuffing dismembered swimsuit model ex-wife in a suitcase outside of a trash win escaped as you know to canada setting off a massive manhunt by the royal canadian
10:17 pm
mounted police who confirmed this evening that jenkins is dead. thank goodness. the former star of the show "megan wants a millionaire" killed himself as the police news tightened around him. authorities are working to disclose more information to all of us and will bring you those additional details as we get them. i want to give you a heads up reverend al and ann coulter in our new york stud io will be debating in the following segment. i wanted to get more local color. carrie is a select person from the ideally integrated island, it's fancy but oak bluffs we have footage of it. she is the owner of good dogs good which organized a test parade today. this is john balu.
10:18 pm
he owns shark key's can tina. he has some of his own presidential specialties including the baracko taco and the obo margarita. a fabulous and legendary local fi fisherman who is hoping to meet with the president to tell the president something about his particular belief. ladies first the most popular t-shirt has always been the black dog but what is it now? >> the black dog is the most popular but we have something we think is terrific. we sell it at our stores but lots of other stores sell it. it was invented and designed by my friend jonathan. >> bobama. portuguese water dog. a new dog in town. >> that's good. >> this is for you to have. these are from jonathan a gift
10:19 pm
for you. it is in honor of their daughter's birthday. you>> happy birthday. >> i have another gift for you. it involves tequila. hope it's okay. >> what can i do. it's all in the jobl. >> both have tough jobs. >> we came out with specials it was created in a by partisan manor republicans democrats got together we have the obama rita and baracko tacos. why is it different? >> his favorite fruit is mandarin orange and it is one of his favorites. >> you want to do the cheers? >> it is your show geraldo. >> we put in -- >> fresh pureed mandarin orange and slash of pineapple from hawaii. baracko taco we liked the name so we came up with a hawaiian style coconut shrimp>> pineapple
10:20 pm
cilantro, salsa on top. >> great. >> it is the number one margarita already. >> back with reverend sharpton and ann. -% that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome.
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>> i would like to see michelle also and the children and the dog. >> welcome back live. this is buddy not cashing in on the president's visit. he's very well known local fisherman who needs help from the white house and i understand he's gotten charles ogle tree the prominent harvard lawyer to intervene to try to arrange a
10:24 pm
meeting between buddy and the president. give me a summary of what it has to do with? ch commercial fisherman putting the real fisherman out of business with scooping up everything with the big nests. >> it is bothering the whole ecosystem is the fisherman taking ought of the four inch fish back the herring and florence fish the big fish won't come here oochlt oop won't come because there's nothing to eat. >> i would like to invite you to go out with your film crew to see the devastation done by these 2-300 foot factory ships. >> you think you will get a meeting with the president? >> i am not sure. i may be able to take them out fishing. if i do he won't be disappointed. he won't get skunked like did he
10:25 pm
in the midwest. >> learning how to fly fish. good luck i want to go back to the reverend al and ann coulter. ann you have a situation where my buddy the conservative republican lawyer leo kaiser talking about the trillions of dollars in deficit of medicare right now. we can't keep going. we have to do something. or is doing something on that institutional scale just impossible because the right won't let the left win and vice versa? >> doing something useful is very possible. that's all of the republicans are suggesting. by the way you raise an appointment point of medicare you keep seeing this argument for national healthcare we have to extend medicare to the people over the age 65. you are trying to keep people rich by bringing bernie madoff
10:26 pm
out of retirement. medicare is bankrupt. what funds medicare is the private healthcare within the system. most doctors and hospitals lose money on the medicare payments. something has to be done as i keep suggesting on your program. i am suggesting competition. that always leads to better service. >> if i haven't said it before, ann, let me hasten to add i think that is a good idea. but to think that's going to solve this problem, i think it's sophomoric. let me go to reverend al sharpton. >> can i say something about the sophomoric point? you need a transition period for what you are talking about. that can be dealt with. go ahumid. >> reverend sharpton it is impossible to not have a healthcare system that is deficit neutral. >> i think it's not -- you can't have one that is deficit neutral
10:27 pm
but you must also expand where you can first get the insurance premiums down. you have to get control of both the insurance companies and this run away kind of money making. you have to deal with the cost of medicine cost of pharmaceuticals and you have got almost 50 million people uninsured. when we say something has to be done the republicans reagan, bush, then bush junior the only time we dealt with healthcare is under clinton and now obama. if think didn't do something it's not like they didn't have ample time. they were in charge of the white house. >> got to go. we will be right back after this live from the vineyard. (pouring rain)
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>> from america's news headquarters i am kimberly guilfoyle. the chairman of the joints chief of staff say the situation in afghanistan is serious and deteriorating. mike mull lan's warning comes from a top commander in afghanistan a sense success with you is needed to win the war. they think he will ask for additional 20,000 troops. lawmakers on the hill mayo pose that request. a new pole shows public support for the war is dropping. millions of older americans may not be seeing an increase in social security checks next year. social security trustees are protecting joe co no cost of li
10:31 pm
increases for the next two years. that hasn't happened since cost of living adjustments hasn't happened since 1975. i am kimberly guilfoyle now back to geraldo at large. for all of the headlines go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> it is being orchestrated it is a game and people who pay attention know that away in which the new york state senate was written that we are not in the post racial period. the reality is the next victim will see it coming is president obama who did nothing more than try to reform a healthcare system. >> welcome back to the harbor view hotel. over looking harbor view tower one of the most beautiful places in the world in the last summer
10:32 pm
months. that of course maybe not of course, those of you outside of new york is hour historically unpopular governor david patterson who is blaming his own lavish political troubles on racially tainted press coverage the nation's only other black governor governor from massachusetts has also been attacked by the media. he will feel the brunt of the racist media. it's a statement they rushed to criticize telling the wounded governor to keep president obama out of it facing election in 2010 patterson is also facing mounting calls to announce he is withdrawing from the race in favor of the current much more popular state attorney general andrew cuomo. i want to go to reverend al sharpton and ask you reverend al he is playing the race card david patterson he was the
10:33 pm
lieutenant governor to remind our new york audience he got appointed, he elevated -- was elevated when governor eliot spitzer got caught with the hooker. he is a man who criticized for excessive partying and also miss handled the kathleen kennedy situation when she was named -- her name was floated as oo replacement for hillary clinton in the senate. is he cloaking himself in racial gash? >> i think you played the tape he called into the radio show. he talked specifically about racial stereotypes. you talked about stereotypes of referring to distinct senators not himself. i think the press read into a
10:34 pm
lot of what was not said. he talked about the racial stereotypes and no one can defend some of the characterizations that were made during the state senate coverage when they had the up rising. >> wait a second. fair enough. let me make a statement. pedro espada the man who was a democrat then became a republican and democrat again causing the state senate of new york to become the laughing stock it's a puerto rican from the bronx he is the biggest piece of crap in the political world he has humiliated all of our community am i anti puerto rican? >> as i specifically said geraldo you have to deal with stereotypes to call it what you did i am no friend of pedro's father he is not using racial stereotypes. you will deal with the governor
10:35 pm
deal with what he said. to say he was accused of excessive partying they had a function before staff with his 21-year-old daughter. i don't report it excessive partying. where he is referring to race he said in the tape racial stereotypes going into that characterizations ks i think he was not playing the race card to say any more if someone said something referring to someone's gender you say wait a minute why don't you talk about the issues talk about you don't think the state senator is acting inappropriate. >> yet, ann, president obama if we are to believe the new york post usually reliable in these kinds of matters president obama is swiftly distanced himself from governor patterson and told governor patterson we are told
10:36 pm
to leave barack obama out of his own problem. >> i am not sure who suffers most by the comparison among patterson deval, patrick and obama. but yeah, i strongly approve -- >> what was that crack about? >> i am saying i don't know who suffers the most obama hasn't been thrown in with deval patrick and governor patterson? >> he talks with his friends in the mainstream media how they defended him not attacks on him but liberal policies national liesing healthcare claiming that's based on racism. if he is going to take patterson to the wood shed i think he might want to tune into msnbc and give them a call, too since they have any criticism with obama and policy races. i like that guy for a brief period when he was a republican.
10:37 pm
>> yeah, you would because -- >> i can tell you that a lot of us have no problems seeing an colter and pedro together. >> >> ann coulter thank you, thank you reverend al sharpton. you can continue this discussion on your oin. thank you for joining us. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is an at large alert. the british doctor, the doctor questioned recently by the lapd regarding what she knows about the cripple gains of doctors who conspired to draw blood from michael jackson says she has been receiving death threats to stop talking or else. he is preparing a bombshell accusation against some of the
10:38 pm
people and organizations they the jacksons feel are responsible for creating the isolation and facilitating the drug taking that killed the king of pop. they are said in the beginning of this week to let that thing fly. right now leet dr. seuss san getog from los angeles who was asked by michael jackson to be her -- his doctor. you turned it down. why did you turn down the gig conrad murray accepted? >> there's a moral obligation not to do that. michael was a good friend of mine there was no way i could assist him by doing that kind of thing. >> you mean wantingly prescribe drugs or provide drugs to jackson? >> yes, absolutely. i am not a medical doctor i am a ph.d. doctor. if i wanted to i could have assisted him but it's not that
10:39 pm
go i would be willing to do. >> you were questioned by the lapd, may i ask you what the angle was of their questions? >> basically they wanted to get a wider picture of what was going on in michael's life in the months leading up to his death and to find out the kind of doctors that were in circle basically. >> did they name names to you? was klein the dermatologist one in a they asked? >> yes, they did. yes. >> can you name some of the other names they asked you about? >> they also asked me about allen metzer and the other doctors. i wasn't aware of the doctors. >> dr. vitok was it your impression that they are casting a wide net and intend to indict more than one of these?
10:40 pm
>> i believe so. there are so many doctors been involved with michael over the last decade, decade and a half who have miss medications for michael they can trace these and they will be punished. >> let me bring in defense attorney mark geragos who once represented michael jackson and our own kimberly guilfoyle and our own prosecutor who assist -- often sits in my chair. >> are they any closer to bringing in at least the first of these fish? >> i do geraldo. i have spoken with my sources at the lada's office and this seems to me like full of threat that
10:41 pm
is unraveling and we are finding out more and more about the secret world of michael jackson the people that enabled him that ultimately were responsible for his death. what they are going to sees we are going to see more and more people brought into the investigation and more charges filed. this isn't over by a long shot. it is just starting with dr. conrad murray. there are others who should be held accountable. >> mark, do you think it will stay on the over pro describing or miss prescribing or criminally prescribing doctors or will it be a broader scenario like involving fraud and other financial crimes? >> they are looking at fraud and other financial crimes. i don't think that's where they are going to end up. i think you will see everything related to prescribing, over prescribing, things of that nature. i think clearly the doctors they focused on the fact that they went to a pharmacy within the last couple of days tells you
10:42 pm
all you need to know. they are looking specifically at the prescribing, the pills, what they were, how that helped different names. those are the things they are going to focus on. i heard different things and you could tell something is eminent. >> you think it will be involving more than just murray? >> i think what's going to happen if i had to guess or if i had to wager you are going to see at least one doctor criminally charged. i think you will also see the medical board simultaneously bringing charges against a number of other doctors. i think they will do that joinderly. i think that it's not beyond the realm to see at least two doctors get charged, at least at the initial stages. >> don't forget geraldo the attorney general rale is
10:43 pm
involved as well. the attorney general rale is involved. they brought the case against the enablers of anna nicole smith he is on the case as well. u of d aa, fha office, i this i far reaching. they are going to do exactly what mark said is uncover all of the people abusing their medical license and providing narcotics like drug deal erbs on the streets that are killing people and they need to be held accountable. this is a widespread problem. oo you two stand by. >> let me take a break. remember what i said about the jackson family bombshell announcement coming early this week. remember how we told you there was no way the pensacola florida couple with all of the adopted special needs children was a simple robbery? prime time in the summertime the man who knows the score in pensacola after this. you're the colon lady!
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>> before i go back to our main topic i want to give you historical trivia. martha's vineyard used to be wealthier than it is now during the whaling era in the 19th century. guess what bankrupted and put the whaling industry out of business. wasn't the environmentalists. they didn't have a movement or not much of one. it was the discovery of oil in pennsylvania. chieper more easily available source to create light for the rest of us. whaling, it's a good reason. here we are. back to crime time in prime time. when we uncovered the grim facts along with other hard-working reporters about the shady background of billings the former used car dealer and porno dealer killed along with his wonderful wife melanie in front of their children by a gang of
10:48 pm
home invaders wearing ninja outfits it was clear to us the billings massacre even though the cops didn't agree with us it was clear to us it was mo about more than money. now they have the video of the crime a local blogger is causing major tidal waves in the florida panhandle with his consistently accurate reporting of this troubling mystery. his name is rick albson. he writes for the daily belief. mark and kimberly stand by. congratulations. i think you are doing a great, great job with this. let me ask you where are you getting all of this information? >> just the same way any investigative reporter does. we hit the streets, ask people questions, try to find out what the real story is. it's a 24-hour job. it's coming from every where.
10:49 pm
we agree it's more than just a simple robbery. >> one of your recent angles is because it was an interracial gang and some of the people involved were the gonzalez boys, stone cold racists that it is impossible for this gang as law enforcement seems to believe come together in an ad hoc nature because they all work at the same car wash. tell me more about that. >> this confederacy of criminals is not a random group of people. the state attorney issued about a thousand documents a thousand pages the first part of the week. in there it appears the men could possibly be part of a home invasion ex pirts if there were a series of home invasions back in 2005 where black men were praying on drug dealers who knew had a lot of cash in hand one of
10:50 pm
the drug dealers was killed. it turns out it was a friend of gary sumner and donnie stallworth two of the people raised for this crime with the billings. >> rick stay on it. we believe it is a criminal conspiracy and professional hit men at some point. we will come back to you. that's a-- tiny netbook. yeah, it's-- good-looking, lightweight. generally awesome. and you could just-- go online, video-chat with my cousin. this is un-- under $200. are you some kind of-- mind reader, visionary ? no, i have them. huh. the new lightweight hp mini netbook with windows and america's largest and most-reliable 3g network built in. only 199.99 with mobile broadband plans from 39.99 i am-- speechless, envious. wanna be me right now. getting one.
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>> two more quick trips of trivia. this is venezuela where steven spielberg shot the film "jaws"" back in the 70s. this is where john belushi the legendary comedian is buried. he had a prominently marked grave stone but fans were keeping beer bottles and joints. carly simon.
10:54 pm
james taylor. georgia bureau of investigation has called off its ground search for 38-year-old christie cornwell of blaresville, georgia. he has been missing as many of you know almost two weeks after allegedly being snatched speaking on her cell phone with her boyfriend she kept screaming a car is stopping near here. she kept screaming don't take me, don't take me which i thought sounded totally fishy. i think i have changed my mind from my original thesis. the cornwell family announced $50,000 reward leading to christie's safe return. the boyfriend who was the last known person to speak with christ tee douglas davis joins us from new york. douglas, you know that we always think the husband did it or boyfriend did it. i think even the corn rel family was suspicious about you and that message, but i think now i
10:55 pm
have a new thesis, is it possible that christie was just getting away from you that she wanted to run away from you? >> that's not true at all. at all. i had talked with her, we made plans to have dinner thursday night of that week. she was going to be bag in dalton. we made plans for that. i heard over the phone that evening it was real. she was screaming and i knew exactly what was going on. other things that were spoken i can't talk about because of the ongoing investigation. made it very clear to me she was being abducted, and we know that this occurred. the family never sus speckeded me not from the beginning. the reports out there are not true. we had met the weekend prior to that. in the beginning they wanted to take this thing and move it forward as best as they could do. quite frankly --
10:56 pm
>> douglas, what do you think happened? >> well, we were talking and she did in fact speak to me and say hang on just a minute i need to get off the road there's a car coming. of course she began screaming. i don't know who took her. i have no concept of that. no ideas at all in the weeks of our relationship. >> where was she? >> was she in a r remote area? >> a great deal is remote. it is just like the rest, approximately three quarters of a mile from her home. about half mile from the church where the command center is now. she lived there, grew up there all of her life felt safe there. >> they called off the ground search. how do you feel about that? >> if you looked the place over, completely looked through everything there. i think over some places twice. then the next thing to do is
10:57 pm
look for another location. i know that some of the leads are still coming in. my reason for being here tonight is to make certain that people be aware that they may be the person who has the next lead. this is quite possible -- >> that number i think is on our screen. >> yes, it is. >> i am running out of time. that number is on the screen. i want to thank you for having the courage to come on. that can be hard. i believe the cops have already announced you are not a suspect. if you have any information folks call the number on the screen. i have to go. that's it for us. until next time from the vineyard thank you very much for watching. i will see you next week. good night. folks. >> -%
10:58 pm
president obama: i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america. the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 15.3%.
10:59 pm
in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks... even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. as we speak, similar scenes are playing out in cities and towns across america.

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